About me

I am an Assistant Professor at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University. Before that I was a Career Development Fellow at the Department of Economics and St Edmund Hall in the University of Oxford.

Originally trained as a mathematician I started my career in a consulting company for financial risk management in 2008. After two years in industry, I decided to return to the academic world. First, I was employed as research and teaching assistant by the chair of economic theory at Saarland University. I worked on my PhD under joint supervision of Hans Peters (Maastricht University) and Dinko Dimitrov, and I obtained my degree in 2013 from Maastricht University.

My research initially focused on cooperative game theory, power indices, and coalition formation. However, I have become more and more interested in influence among agents, and my latest work deals with diffusion processes in general network structures.

On these sides you can find links to my articles and a list of my current working papers. I have not uploaded early draft versions of working papers, but some of them are available upon request.